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One who does not belong to, who is not protected by law, who is not backes by any power, a stranger, a pure human being, completely exposed to the merey of others.

Max Horkheimer

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listing of the known ethic groups


free speech given by Paul Meissner on the probable wxodus of the Sinti and Roma People from their original native country India approximately 1500 years ago


Asylum: (greek: place of refuge) In general. the right of persecuted people to personal protection and protection from extradition, Specifically, the humanitarian pronciple according to international law of granting victims of political (and controversial: religious) persecution the right to stay in the country and to be protected, was originally defined in a broader sense - see Art. 16a, section 1 German Constitution -due to the exoeriences of the National Socialism: „Victims of political persecution enjoy the fight of asylum.“ The right of asylum was first of all granted through the aliens`right, then since 1982 through the asylum act. The enormous increase of asylum seekers at the end of the 80s/ at the beginning of the 90s lead to modification of the German Constitution in 1993: Art. 16a preserves the individual fundamental right of asylum, but it restricts it in so far as the asylum seekers who come from so-called persecution-free countries in wich human rights are not violated and in wich no political persecution takes place (sontroversial, see for example Turkey), are denied enjoying the asylum right. Source: the fundamental rights stated in the Geramn constitution - bpb

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quotations: by Paul Meissner, Kati Schiweck-Dörr, Ulrike Barwarnietz, Manfred Ellermann

and she holding her hand out for begging // very strange feeling // not civilized // very shocked about it // barefooted // that they had existed at all // I have jad a very odd experience // very wild // poor /7 documentation did not exist any longer // beforehand I have already kad a negative attitude // it really shocked me // had to hide in the background // have become afraid to be true // compensation-proceedings // dangerous // What a mess, they really crapped infront of their cars // financial compensation // this male domaine // concentration camp prisoners // are false // shape of skull or facial features // the woman pushed into the background // this image of the gypsies that I and others have mind // after the war // have basically looked at with anxious eyes // police files // this chauvinism // dirty // this image of freedom of travelling // had fled into exile // this cocklike manner // very enviable // that we have nothing to do with gypsies // to rove around // freedom is the feeling of taking a deep breath // it startled me to see that there was a lack of respect for me because I am a woman // woman are second-class human beings // ok this is a prejudice // this in today`s society // yes, indeed, it´s to be jealous of // already with the little ones // I´m not at all someone who lumps everythink together // I know gypsies from children´s books and songs // everyone can expect a second chance from me // the sixties in Dortmund // really fantastic family life // many people have lost their home // I don´t think either that everyone is like this // Yes, I was impressed by that // and to live somewhere else // horror // also a little helplessness // rage // created by the media // they steal // the fundamental question of identity is asked in a different way in these days // my memories // beforehand already offered // elderly wise woman who are a little eerie and have magic power // the freedom of flying away like a bird // to have nothing on one´s mind // built up their castle of caravans // mostly dark hair and dark eyes // poeple are different // get to know the differences // It´s a feeling - it comes from the bottom of my heart