black pain

Projekt /// Das inszenierte Fenster in der nächtlichen Stadt /// 2007                                               Lichtkunstausstellung zum Kulturhauptstadtjahr

Luxemburg und die Grossregion  2007


Prof. Daniel Hausig,

Claudia Brieske,



Maria Kowalski

Walltraut Höfinger

Sy Vincent Schmitz

Texte / Textpassagen von Ida Kelarowá, Tscheschien

we all have all we need. Sometimes it is hard to trust. But there is no more time to wait. We need to become active and start to become out of oureselves and use all we were given. To become humble and grateful for what we were given. Our work is a war, our voice is a wapon. We do not fight with guns, we fight with our music through our songs, that come from our deep suffering, and even deeper that is our history. We come from our darkness into the light. Fight means the hardest battle wich any human being can fight, and never stop fighting.

There is pain in deep songs. The gypsies call it black pain, wich is far deeper than any personal pain, wich undoubtedly opne psyche to the universality of suffering and the need to find a language which would get beyond the limitation of the personal. It is a song drawn into itself and terrible in the dark. Rather than separating the feeling and acting, we will use the fuel of our emotion histories to give movement and life to our song....

To open means to be vulnerable, to be vulnerable means to get hurt, to stay in  that pain and never close again means to become only stronger, to never give up we need power. There is a great difference in being open and strong, or closed and tuff. What real choices do we have? How can I sing a sad song, if i do not klow  what sadness is? I let my fear stop me from reaching deeper. In this case I can only sing and pretend how possible sadness should sound like. The need is to let the song live and in order to do that I deen to be true, I deen to be real. Our songs come from real life and they deserve to be sang to continue in life. To sing a deep song doesn´t kill anyone, in fact it cures your heart and soul, and enables us to live life fully.

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we all have all we need.

Sometimes it is hard to trust.

But there is no more time to wait.

Ida Kelarowá

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